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John Lobb

Varese Havana Country Calf - October sole

By Request


Black & White



* Thank you “you know who”

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absolutely LOVE this photo! this WILL be me one day! i guarantee it! :)

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Three things guys need to wear more often:

-monk strap

-other colours than black and brown

-Norwegian front (sometimes called a ‘mirror’)

Cotton suits are often frowned upon, due to their nature to wrinkle. In my opinion, this just adds to character. Besides, the fabric is so much better than wool in summer.

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Winter is for Boots

Saint Crispin’s 401 Balmoral Boots in 609 Black Brown Crust with 078 Dark Brown Suede

When we think of boots, we usually think of boots for women. Boots however always belonged to the staple of a man’s wardrobe in winter and fall. Boots give just that extra warmth and protection from rain. On top of that, I actually like the support boots give.

I need more boots.

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